Stories that heal, and Poet Gerardo Mena.

The military stories I’ve had the opportunity to tell have inspired healing in others. I’ve witnessed the healing that takes place when veterans share these stories with the community, and with their families. I’ve had countless opportunities to share my experience in Vietnam…and more than three years later, the photos and words can heal. The bravery of service members and veterans stays alive in the photos I make and the words I write.

This week I learned this healing power has yet another layer.  I received some mail this week from Mike Low, a veteran I met on this journey. Mike recently met Iraq veteran Geraldo ‘Tony’ Mena who was performing his poetry and music in Missouri. The story of my work came up when they had a conversation…and this is what was in the envelope. WOW.



You can read about Gerardo ‘Tony’ Mena’s incredible story of service HERE. He’s a musician, accomplished poet, and a decorated veteran.

Low is a Vietnam veteran. He and his wife Liz have two sons and a daughter.  Both of their sons are medically retired from their own military service.  


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