The Hornet’s Nest

ImageBlessed with two carloads of friends, I downed some espresso and hit the road to attended a screening of The Hornet’s Nest in Columbus, OH last Saturday night. THE HORNET’S NEST | 2014 Set for release in 500 theaters nationwide this memorial day, The Hornet’s Nest is an honest look at the nature of the war in Afghanistan. ABC journalist Mike Boettcher has covered conflict for 34 years.  As a result, he missed many important moments with his family.  In an effort to re-connect with his son Carlos, Boettcher heads off for a year in Afghanistan with his son Carlos by his side. The film follows Boettcher and his son embedded with three different military units.  The No Slack Battalion, 2/327, 101st Airborne and the 187th battalion “Rakkasans” also 101st Airborne, and 2nd Battalion 8th Marines were all deployed to Kunar Province in 2010-2011. Kunar province is the place where the nine-year war with the Soviets ended in 1989. In 2010-2011, these American military units were forging ground there for the first time. Boettcher’s story is woven through footage of some of the toughest fire fights seen in America’s longest war. The film shares the stories of the sacrifice a journalist makes to be a good storyteller, and the sacrifices made by young men and women serving in the longest war in U.S. history. Watch the trailer HERE. And go see it in theaters Memorial day 2014.


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