Lost in Oscar Hotel: There’s something in the air.


LostinOHBooksigningLast week a book signing was held for the release of Lost in Oscar Hotel. The Author, the pilots, and the photographers were on hand to sign books at the Kent State University Bookstore. (From R to L: Sam Verbuculecz, Laura Fong, Phil Botta, Ron Siwik, Gary Harwood, and Author Gordon Joe Murray-Photo by David LaBelle)

Lost in Oscar Hotel is a story about pilot and KSU professor Joe Murray’s record-breaking 2013 flight where he landed his piper cub in all 88 counties in Ohio – in ten days.

This book tells the stories of the people he met along the way, including retired physician and Vietnam veteran Ron Siwik, who heard of Murray’s flight and decided to join him in his own cub. The two of them explored the grass strip airports, family-run diners, modern airstrips and aviation museums. Woven through Ohio’s rich history in aviation are tales of people who fly, and why.

They met adventurous flyers like the Ohio Bush Plane pilots, and they met people who make their living flying. They met people who were learning to fly, and people who have been flying all their lives. The common denominator in all of these stories is Ohioans and their love of flying. Pick up a copy on Amazon HERE, and check out the website HERE for more information about the flight, the pilots and the stories.

I was lucky to be able to photograph some of the people and the stories in this project. Many of whom inspired me to spend more time in the air – and get my pilot’s license.






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